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Reduce domestic water consumption by up to 45% by installing Aqua Gratis with SMART meter in your new build house.

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Who are we?

Cascade Water Products is a purpose driven enterprise with the mission to help the world be more water efficient through the development and commercialisation of domestic micro-greywater reuse technology.

Sustainable Water SDG 6 and Affordable Clean Energy SDG 7 are challenges facing the water companies and the world’s population. Aqua Gratis with SMART meter is low energy, cost effective, easy to fit use and maintain. It reduces domestic water consumption by up to 45%.

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Install Aqua Gratis with SMART meter in your house

  • The system fits neatly behind the toilet
  • Collects wastewater from the shower or bath
  • Can collect washing machine water if required
  • Filters and processes the wastewater
  • Stores 140 litres of Greywater
  • Re-uses the water to flush up to 5 toilets in the house
  • Quiet, effective, low cost and easy to maintain
  • Low energy maintenance
  • Saves 30 – 45% on domestic water consumption
  • Built for the circular economy, carbon negative
  • Meets the British Standard; BS EN 16941‑2:2021, BS8525 parts 1 and 2:2010

Key differentiation from competitors:

  • Low cost, easy to fit uses and maintain
  • Designed for mass production mindful of the circular economy and high-volume manufacture.
  • A carbon negative system
  • Low energy consumption
  • Patented self-cleaning filters
  • Designed to British Standard
  • Designed for social and low-cost housing
  • Suitable for student accommodation and similar accommodation
  • Designed only to flush toilets making use of the synergy with bathing and toilet flushing

Because every drop counts

There is a global water crisis. Areas of the south of England have less rain than the Sahara.

The water crisis is a very complicated area in which to work.

Water supply, demand management, wastewater and drainage and achieving net zero are major areas of concern.

It takes significant amounts of infrastructure and energy to supply water and remove sewage to and from our cities, towns and villages.

The problem is only going to accelerate, driven by the rising demand for water through population growth, migration, housing, climate change and ageing water infrastructure.

London and numerous cities around the world expected to run out of water by 2045. Regulators have set Water Companies targets to reduce domestic water consumption to below 100 litres per person a day. Water availability could decline by as much as two thirds globally by 2050. This is a threat to global economic, societal and environmental stability.

Greywater reuse exploits the natural matching in domestic water usage – approximately the same amount of water is used for showering or bathing as is used flushing a toilet over the course of a day. Cascade Water Products Ltd has developing Aqua Gratis, a “State of Art” greywater recycling system. When fitted into homes and commercial settings will:

  • Help achieve SDG 6,7 and 9
  • Reduce water consumption and make water supplies go further.
  • Reduce damage to the environment cause by water abstraction and climate change.
  • Reduce the amount of domestic wastewater to be treated by water companies thus saving energy and the environment.
  • Significant role in the water energy nexus – making significant reductions in Water Company energy requirements for water production and sewage treatment and realise energy savings of ~23% and reduce annual CO2 emissions by 86tons per average EU household.
  • Achieve sustainable water consumption through resilient product and promote water and energy saving Aqua Gratis is the core focus of the business and our strategy for future growth. The Duchy of Cornwall, Thames Water and Severn Trent Water recognises domestic greywater reuse has a significant role in future proofing its water supplies.
  • By reducing domestic water consumption by more than 30% the beneficial impact filters through to infrastructure built to supply water and will reduce size of developments and costs.
  • Aqua Gratis delivers great sustainability impact in one hit.
Water Savings
Water supply and sewage reduced by 30%.
Cost Savings
Water supply and sewage reduced by 30% for water utility and home occupier.
Flood Mitigation
Reducing waste water flows, contributing to resilience in systems as a consequence of climate change.
Infrastructure Savings
Infrastructure capacity increases up to 30% - reservoirs, pipework, sewage works.
Environmental Savings
Reduced water consumption, carbon reduction, greater wildlife protection, reduce saltwater intrusion in aquifers.
Smart Cities / Internet of Things
Increased digital efficiency, improved resource management, up to date water usage, billing, enabling planning for utilities.

The People behind the project

The team has a proven track record and a wealth of experience in research, innovation and successful product commercialisation. They are a dedicated team who have worked in the relevant market sectors. The team includes the technology inventor as CTO. They have strong connections with industry and a comprehensive understanding of the new build, retrofit and commercial buildings markets associated with the Aqua Gratis. The team are widely recognised as highly knowledgeable, passionate and persistent.

Carolyn Hogg
Managing Director
David Blackler
Commercial Director
Peter Holdsworth
Chief Technical officer
Rob Parry Jones
CEO Consultant

Wild Card Edge Winner 2017, Round 17 Winner 2021

Innovate UK Covid Continuity Grant Winner 2018 & 2020

Scottish Women’s Awards 2018 Winner Small Business of the Year

Investing Women AccelerateHer Growth Award Winner, 2018

European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme funding (No 817155)

Institute of Water Scottish Area Innovation Awards 2020 Final Three, WES Innovator of the Year 2019 Finalist, SME Instrument Phase 1 Winner 2018