Cascade Water Products Ltd

Save Your Business Thousands & Improve Energy Efficiency

Our retrofitted greywater systems make substantial savings in water bills, energy and carbon footprint.

  • Significant ROI in first year
  • Retrofitted - no new systems required
  • Easy to install

Cascade Water Products Ltd’s customers will be businesses wishing to make savings on their water bills, energy bills and carbon footprint


Customers who retrofit our innovative greywater systems in buildings with large volumes of human traffic will make substantial savings in water bills, energy and carbon foot-print. Our products are low cost, safe reliable, easy to install, use and maintain.


Service Provision and Maintenance

Annual service programme immediate on-line contact

Research shows 0.05% defects, in the unfortunate and unlikely occurrence of problems an immediate replacement will be fitted with in 48 hours.



Garden Hippo

Washroom Unit (Pat. Pending)

Washroom Unit

Pod Shower Solution (Pat. Pending)

Pod Shower Solution

Worked Example

If an office has 1000 employees the water used to wash their hands will be 6,000 litres a day, 30,000 litres a week, and 1,500,000 litres for 250 working days per year. This costs money, at least 0.2p per litre. Your business pays at least £3,000 for this in water charges.

In the workplace, per 1000 employees the units will save 840 kg CO2/m3.

Install Washroom System

Water Charge Savings

Carbon Emission Reduction


The People behind the project

Peter Holdsworth
Product Design Engineer

Peter developed the concept and is working on the designs for our products. He will make sure all products satisfy all the necessary legislation.

He has the in-depth knowledge to design new products. He has specialised in greywater recycling and heat recovery design, installation and maintenance for over nine years.

He has designed the units and is responsible for their development from prototype to being ready for market. Peter has joined forces with Cascade Water Products Ltd to develop a number of excellent ideas. Cascade Water Products Ltd will nurture, develop and bring them to market.

Carolyn Hogg
Managing Director

Carolyn's role is to create and develop the business. She will lead from the front, develop, design and implement the strategic plan for the company in the most time efficient and cost effective manner.

Her role is delegating appropriate tasks and concentrating on what needs to be done to bring our innovate products to market.